Home Sweet Home

I have a huge obsession for old homes with all of their sweet character and charm.  When we were searching for our first home, we so wanted to find that adorable historic cottage to renovate and make our own.  We quickly found that those old homes we loved came with a huge price tag of very necessary renovations and we realized it wasn't the right time for us to take that on.  It was a rather heartbreaking realization though.  We were under contract with a precious downtown bungalow in the historic part of our town but after the inspection, we just couldn't bring ourselves to move forward.  Instead, we settled on a newer home with every intention to add our own character and charm. It is slowly coming along!

We are painting the living room right now.  I fell in love with Martha Stewart's Seaglass.  It was the perfect greenish blue.  When our living room is finally fully furnished, I'll post a finished picture.  We still have a ways to go!

We are going for a farmhouse meets coastal style.  I am kind of obsessed with anything wooden and white.  I seriously can't resist buying any white shutter or white window pane I come across so wanting to incorporate those things in creative ways. 
Here's to getting fully unpacked and filling this house with everything we love.  My goal is to take my time and truly create a soulful home for our little family.  I can't wait to start on some big renovations in the next few months!

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  1. I absolutely love being in your house! <3 You can tell you put a lot of thought into your beautiful (mostly handcrafted) decor. You have definitely turned a house into a lovely home.


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