Winter Break

I can't believe today is the last day of winter break and tomorrow I will be reunited with my sweet class of twenty first graders.  I honestly didn't do much at all.  It probably doesn't even deserve a blog post about it, but I loved every minute of doing nothing so here is how it was spent:

1.  First off, I started this little blog!  I have always wanted to and finally found the time (and courage!!!!).

2.   Many lazy days with this sweet pup doing this right here: 
 3. I got lots of quality time with these handsome guys.  My husband was able to take a few days off with me and my brother in law came into town from New Orleans for the holidays.

4. Many happy hours and supper dates with sweet sweet friends. One can never eat enough tacos or bread and cheese.

5.  Some amazing shopping time!!!

6.  Finally, we started planning our 3 week backpacking trip to Europe! Ever since Jonathan and I were dating this is something we have always wanted to do.  We finally sat down and planned how to make it happen!!  I can't wait to share our itinerary and plans.  

Until spring break... :)

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