Our November was full of a lot of this:

 I've never been so thankful for a Starbucks drive thru!  Lucy stopped napping during her one month old life and a car ride was the only thing to do the trick.  It just happened that Starbucks and back was the perfect distance for her to fall asleep.  It was also full of lots of this:

Lucy and one of us sitting in the car while the other person runs and gets food or something we needed in Target or Publix! Haha!! 

Lucy celebrated her first Thanksgiving.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, we visited my parents and spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach.  On Thanksgiving Day, we enjoyed a yummy cinnamon roll casserole and watched the Macy's Day Parade before heading to Grandpa and Nana's for a delicious Thanksgiving supper.

Lucy also had her first shopping experience but instead of going on Black Friday, we went on the day before Thanksgiving.  She slept the entire time but this was her before heading out:

Other than that, we spent lots of time going on walks with Charlie, lots of baby snuggles, staring at the fan, and Lucy watched her first Carolina/Clemson game.

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