Lucy // 3 Months

Happy 3 months sweet Lucy!  We are o so obsessed with you.

Stats: 10 lbs. and 2 feet long
Nicknames: Lulu, LC.  We always said with such a short name this girl would never need a nickname, but o well it happened.
Milestones: Lots of baby smiles.  Great neck control.  Is tolerating tummy time for a little longer and is working hard to push up.  Finally is more vocal!  Lots of sweet baby "screams" and sweet coos. We are so very close to a laugh!
Favorite Things: Loves faces!  Would much rather stare at someone than look at any toys.  Loves when we help her sit on her own and when we hold her so she is facing out. Loves listening to music as well!
Least Favorite Things: Sleep!  Fights sleep every single time.  She hates being held any other way than facing out.  O and needing to burp.  Crazy how just a little burp makes her feel so much better! 
Signature Moves: Hands always in mouth

Turning 3 months also means the end of my maternity leave. This time at home has been so precious and has flown by faster than I ever imagined.  These past months have been harder than I EVER thought possible, but would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  The sweet little girl has rocked our world and it is going to be so hard to trust her in someones care as I reunite with my other babies, all 20 of them.  Not to mention I cannot possibly imagine how we will get out of the house on time and professional looking!  But for now I am going to ignore the 600 emails I saw that are waiting for me and enjoy these last few hours and snuggles with this sweet lady! Thankful for just 1 workday before the weekend and then for a long 3 day weekend.  It is helping ease my heart just a bit.


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