In December, we officially had a two month old on our hands.

Two months brought us lots and lots of baby smiles, which is the most amazing thing ever. 

Lucy took her first road trip to Virginia.  Jonathan's papa had an 85th birthday party so we went to visit him and he got to meet Lucy.

 We celebrated Christmas with our friends, The Monks.

 I had absolutely no energy or time to do my normal wrapping so literally put everything into bags.  I mean everything.  O and everything was ordered online this year, did not go to the store for a single gift. I have to say though, I didn't miss the shopping craziness!

Lucy celebrated her very first Christmas.  We started Christmas Day with french toast casserole, fruit, and mimosas.  It's tradition!

Lucy slept through the opening of presents, it was just another regular day in her world, but I know she has loved all of the Christmas music we have been playing and staring at the Christmas lights. I can't wait to see her excitement during this time in the Christmas's to come!  Hope she shares my love for this time of year.

We even got to sneak away for a little day date with Mimi and Pappy in town!  We love us some EVO.

My sweet godmother was passing through town and surprise visited us! It was so great to see her and she was able to meet Lucy.  She also brought DC Cupcakes, which were amazing!  I was excited to get to try them.

It's been simply amazing to watch Lucy become more and more alert during the day.  We love this bright eyed little girl so much.

Finally, we wrapped up December by saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016 with our little party animal.  O and with wine and cheese, my favorite!

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