Lucy // 4 Months

Stats: 12 lbs.
Milestones and Firsts: Can roll over from tummy to back and finally noticed Charlie! One day I saw her face just light up when he came into the room.  It was just adorable and so funny that she never paid him any attention until now! She also experienced her first cold and first visit to the ER.  Sick babies are the saddest sight ever!  You feel so helpless.  She is also no longer swaddled when sleeping since she is working hard on rolling from back to tummy.
Favorite Things: She is loving her some tummy time.  She is also beginning to play with toys!! Her favorites include plastic links and Sophie the Giraffe. 
Least Favorite Things: Still fights sleep and hates getting out of the bathtub She also hates socks, never keeps them on.
Signature Moves: Still loving sucking on her fingers, nothing better in her world.

We have been loving this 4 month mark.  As she is beginning to play and interact more and more we get so excited for the big milestones coming up soon, but at the same time, miss that itty bitty 7lb squish faced newborn.  Time goes by so fast! 

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