Hello Spring

We are finding every excuse to spend weekends outdoors now that sweet springtime is here.  Loving the extra hours of sunlight and wishing it wouldn't get one degree hotter.  Loving all of the lush greenery outside and am happy to be able to fill mason jars all over our home with sweet greenery bouquets once again!  These bouquets are just so fresh and simplistic.

 I find myself wanting to freshen up our decor as well with the season change.  I am loving these dishtowels I found at World Market.  The have tons of new darling prints.  Check out their new stuff here.  I am saving my time over spring break to do a little more freshening up and decorating.

Spring also brings all the outdoor fun. King Street is shut down to traffic on the second Sunday of each month and you can walk in the street, shop, and enjoy food trucks and other vendors.  Lots of the restaurants that are typically on King St. will also bring out more tables into the street for additional seating. We met our favorite couple down there and spent Sunday afternoon walking and doing a little shopping.  Lucy loved the people watching!

The warm weather has allowed me to unpack the sweetest baby clothes.  I can't get over Lucy's precious spring and summer clothes.  Mud Pie bathing suit cover-ups and mini Lilly dresses? I can't get enough!!  These are some of my favorites:

And let's be honest, what is cuter than a baby in a romper showing off those chunky baby legs? 

Trading the riding boots for Jack Rodgers and counting down the days til spring break!!! 

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