Lil' Faye Clothing + Mom & Mini Matching

The Flowertown Festival comes to our little town on the first weekend of April and we like to go every year and enjoy the local food and vendors.  You can also leave with a giant bag of fresh kettle corn, which makes it always worth it in my book. This year I discovered the sweetest booth of baby clothes and other homemade items like bibs and teething rings. The pairing of fabrics and her overall style was everything I love.  She might have even inspired me to drag out the sewing machine to attempt some homemade things for Lucy of my own.  I wanted to buy it all but settled for just a few things and her card so I can shop her Etsy store.  You can visit her sweet shop by clicking here and follow her on Instragram @lilfayeclothing to see her work.  

I also came up with some subtle Mom + Mini matching ideas.  Who doesn't love a little coordination instead of going overboard?  I always find myself wearing the same colors as Lucy by accident anyways.

Chambray Romper // Chambray Shirt // Mini Pineapple Jacks // Pink Pineapple Jacks // 
Southern Charm Lilly Shift Dress // Southern Charm Lilly Infinity Scarf

The only thing I love more than Chambray shirts, Jack Rodgers, and Lilly are mini versions of them!!!  I really think Lucy and I need those Jacks in our lives.  The adult version is currently sold out, but is going to be restocked soon.

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