Lucy // 5 months

O sleep how we miss you4-5 months is a typical time for sleep to be affected or so we hear.  Our peaceful sleeper who slept for a beautiful 6 hour stretch each night has begun to wake every two hours through the night wanting to eat.  It began as soon as she hit 4 months and has lasted ever sincePossible sleep regression, growth spurt, or teething...who knows.  We are just going with it. Everything is a season, right :)?

Milestones and Firsts: Rolling like crazy from back to belly.  Went to the beach for the first time and she wasn't sure what to make of all of it.  Please enjoy the ridiculous sun shielding efforts below and you have to love a dad who took one for the team and sported my wrap when I wasn't feeling it.  We are on the search for a more masculine baby carrier for when Lucy can sit up on her own.

Favorite Things: Lucy just seems to be soaking in everything so much more.  She loves people watching, going on walks, car rides, and playing with her toys. She has begun to "talk" to Charlie constantly and gives him the biggest smile of all.  She is in love with chomping on ice in her mesh feeder as well.  It is kind of the most adorable thing watching her chomp the heck out of some ice.

Some other favorite things:

Electric Nail Trimmer // Rainbow Teething Ring // Sophie // Wooden Teething Ring 
By the Sea Playmat // SwaddleMe WrapSack // Soft Book // Mesh Feeder

Least Favorite Things: Sleep!  Fights naps and bedtime every single time.  I mean fights!  We possibly have one strong willed little person on our hands.  We can't even use our tried and true methods of getting her to sleep using our rocker or her swing.  It's like she knows what we are up to!  A stroller or car ride does the trick if we are desperate.  Teething is also a least favorite around here for all involved.
Signature Moves: When she rolls from back to belly and gets upset because she wants to actually stay on her back.  She learned to roll from back to belly first, but doesn't seem to remember how anymore haha!

Couldn't love this little thing more and am in shock that she will already be half a year next month! 

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