Mother's Day 2016

This was my very first mother's day.  I couldn't help but think back on these past 6 months of motherhood.  It has been harder than I ever thought but more beautiful than I ever imagined. When I first had Lucy, many of my sweet mama friends told me the days are long but the years are short and even though we haven't made it to a year yet, when I think about these past months it truly goes by in a flash.  This time is so precious.  The open mouth kisses, the slobbery hands everywhere, the chunky legs and little fingers and toes, the sweet laughs,  the throwing of every toy out of reach and wanting it back, the little hands raised up to be picked up, the snuggles and that fresh baby smell.
These are the days.

This was my most favorite gift, Lucy's hand print on my card! Haha!

I hope everyone had a perfect Mother's Day last week celebrating the special mamas in their lives.

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