Lucy // 8 Months

This has to be my favorite age yet, but I find myself saying that EVERY month. 

Milestones and Firsts: Lucy is sitting up completely on her own and has great balance.  She is never still for a moment now & we are not even crawling!  She is constantly wigging and "talking" like crazy.  We love hearing her put all kinds of sounds together and just go on and on about whatever is on her mind.  She is finally showing tolerance of tummy time again and is scooting back.  Last night she even scooted her way under the couch!
Favorite Things: Lucy is still Charlie obsessed.  She goes crazy talking to him and loves to pat him when he sits next to her.  She also went in the pool for a first time this month and had a ball floating with me.   She still loves music, especially live music. 

Some other favorite things:

1. Silicone Bib // These are so simple and practical.  I love how easy they are to clean and since even the simplest thing like a banana can stain a cloth bib, I love not having to worry about getting any stains out.

2. Baby Float // This float is a must have if you have a babe in the summer.  I love how Lucy can just float with me in any amount of water.  It has room to put waterproof toys for her to play with and the sun shade is great.

3. Food Pouches //  Ella's Kitchen is one of my favorite pre-made pouches.  They have lots of different flavors for baby to try that one wouldn't typically buy to make like parsnips and papaya.

4. Spoons // Silicone spoons are the best, they feel soft in a baby's mouth and are sensitive on gums.

5.  The Secret Garden // I really can't get over this BabyLit company and how they are introducing young children to the world of classic literature.  This is a flowers primer with stunning illustrations, I'm obsessed!

6. Popsicle Mold // We love fresh fruit popsicles and now that Lucy can enjoy them too, it is so much fun.  They are too easy to make.  I just blend fruit and freeze for Lucy, but for us I love to try some Pinterest inspired recipes.

7. Whale Bathtub // Now that Lucy is sitting up on her own, this tub is the perfect thing.  We can fill that up without having to fill up the entire bathtub and she goes crazy playing and splashing.  I also love that it is completely plastic and can dry fast and be sanitized easily.  We received a tub as a gift with a cloth/netting in it and I couldn't keep mold off of it.  This is much better and has inserts so a newborn could use it as well.

8.  Baby Einstein Toy // This little toy has been a favorite for a long time.  With music and lighting up, what baby wouldn't love.

9.  Swim Diaper // Re-usable swim diapers are so inexpensive compared to a bag of disposable.  I found this Honest brand one at TJ Maxx for under $5 and has worked great for us so far.

We are also STILL playing with empty plastic Easter eggs and not ashamed of it :).  They are kind of the perfect pool toy.

Least Favorite Things:  Sleep.  Still gets so cranky when tired, but is such a party animal.  I don't know where she gets her energy from.

Signature Moves: Blowing raspberries always and grabbing at anything and everything in sight- hair, glasses, and necklaces are her favorite.

Hope your Thursday is blessed.  Can't wait for a fun 4th of July weekend ahead!

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