Lucy // 9 months

Stats: 16 lbs. 1 oz. 

Milestones and Firsts: Lucy is scooting more and more.  She doesn't seem in too much of a hurry to be on the move yet though.  She has started to pull up with our help.  She also has two bottom teeth!
Favorite Things: When we clap for her.  Cheers her up every time.  We have finally braved sitting in the highchair at restaurants and sitting in the front of the shopping cart and she loves it.  The employees at Trader Joe's just love her too.

Least Favorite Things:  When we don't know what she wants!  Haha, seriously though she wants what she wants and nothing else.  A girl after my own heart, which is a little frightening at times.

Signature Moves: Blowing raspberries and sticking tongue out constantly and still grabbing at anything and everything in sight!
Mother of the Year  Moment: Getting Lucy and I locked out of the house in the backyard with no phone and knowing Jonathan wouldn't be home for hours.  My next door neighbor was returning a tupperware container to me and some how our side door was locked when I went to go back inside.  I made a fool of myself trying to knock the fence down, screaming neighbors names, and breaking a screen to get to a window.  I was just so worried we would be stuck there for hours and I had nothing for Lucy.  Thankfully, my sweet neighbor had to take out the trash so she came to our rescue right about when I was starting to panic.  I am so thankful I had Lucy with me and that my neighbor came out when she did.  I don't know what we would have done.

Father of the Year Moment:  I can't think of anything this month, I guess that means he is the perfect parent :).

Happy Saturday friends!

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