Mom's Guacamole Recipe

O Guacamole, you are delicious and the perfect food.  I love it on salmon, grilled chicken, burgers, tacos, chips, quinoa bowls, you name it.  I really love it as snack paired with cucumbers or celery.


ripe avocados
fresh lime & lemon juice
 chopped cilantro
cumin, salt, pepper to taste
minced garlic
dollop of pico de gallo
dollop of sour cream

I never measure (you can't go wrong with these ingredients).  Combine all ingredients to taste and mash with a potato masher until desire texture is achieved.  I only use ripe ripe avocados when they are soft and black or have almost turned black, this really gives the guacamole the flavor you want.

 Enjoy & happy happy Monday!

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