Whole Food Cleanse

I have been anxious to do a cleanse since having Lucy and am currently halfway through one.  So many friends have asked for details so I wanted to share.  I find it so important to cleanse your body from built up toxins and this is one of the favorite ones that I have tried.  I love to give my body a rest by cleansing a few times a year or especially after I feel like I haven't been eating the best.  This type of cleanse is so effective and since you do not have to chew and breakdown food, your body is given the rest it needs and is allowed time to repair. I love how this one doesn't consist of any powders or pills but just whole foods to fuel your body. 

You can find a shopping list and outline of the cleanse right here.  I had everything but the fruits and veggies in my pantry.  I went to Trader Joe's and they had fantastic prices for the ingredients I needed.  If you need the flax seed and coconut oil, make sure you price compare because some places can be pricey!  I would also recommend using frozen fruit.  It is much easier for me than having to cut up things like the mango and pineapple.  If you feel like you can't make it the full 3 days, munch on raw cucumbers or celery but try to go as long as you can.  Make sure you also drink as much lemon water as you can stand it.  It helps you feel extra full! Let me know if you give it a try!

I also had to share a few pictures from this summer afternoon.  Have you heard the song Watermelon by Sol Driven Train?  It's kind of amazing.

Summer in a picture.  Happy cleansing!

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