Hello Again August

Hello again August

Summer you were too good to me, you always are.  I loved every minute of time spent with these two babes.

This is our very last weekend before real life starts.  This year I will be teaching 4K and will also be apart of opening a brand new school which isn't ready yet and yes students are coming in a week!  My organized loving teacher self is finding it hard to believe. However, with it being out of my control, I have truly been able to savor these last days with my family where typically I would be spending hours perfecting my classroom.  I don't know how it will get done, when it will get done, when we will be able to move in and get unpacked, how many days we will have to get ready, but I know it will get done and this year I am really remembering and focusing on what my purpose is in the classroom.  It is to love on some little hearts and their families and that is something I can do no matter how together I am.

Enjoy this last weekend teacher friends!! It is about to get crazy. XO

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