Lucy // 10 months

Someone was not interested in taking a 10 month picture.

Milestones and Firsts: Lucy is crawling, pulling up and stepping left to right when holding onto something, and says "dada" every chance she gets.  She has perfected so many new skills this month, it is crazy!  I also am noticing more and more how determined she is.  When she sets her mind to something, she doesn't give up!  She also gives hugs by resting her head on your shoulder, which just warms my heart every time she does it.
Favorite Things: Puffs, she will do anything for some puffs!

Other favorite things:

1. Puffs // These are perfect for babes starting out with finger foods.  They dissolve within a few seconds of being placed in your mouth and are mess free.  They are also wonderful at developing fine motor skills.

2. Stacking Toy // We are not quite stacking them yet, but Lucy loves taking the rings off one by one.

3. Walker //Lucy absolutely loves this thing.  She it not quite using it to stand or walk yet, but she loves shoving it across the floor and chasing after it.

4. Fresh Squeeze Pouch Maker // I received this as a shower gift and it is a wonderful tool to make food pouches homemade. 

5. Sippy Cup // Lucy just loves any sippy cup with these kind of handles.  It is so easy for her to grab onto.  She currently just drinks water out of them, I have not tried anything else yet.

6. Baby Bullet // This is the perfect tool to make fresh baby food.  I received this as a shower gift as well and I love that it comes with small jars to store the food you make.

7. Leg Warmers // Baby leg warmers are perfect if you have hard wood floors and a crawling babe.  Not to mention they are the cutest things I've ever seen.

Signature Moves: Saying "dada" every time she sees Jonathan and how she leans way over in the shopping cart to stare someone down in hopes they will say hi to her!  It cracks me up!  Since she doesn't like to crawl on our floors downstairs, she scoots really fast on her bottom and chases Charlie and his toys constantly now as well.

Mother & Father of the Year  Moment: The fact that when Jonathan went to our neighbor's house recently with Lucy, he put her down on the ground and she took off crawling on their carpet...she has probably known how to crawl for months but didn't want to bother on our wood floors. Ha! We should have been known to try a softer surface!

It is hard to believe we almost have a one year only on our hands.  Thankful to finally be back in a routine with starting back to work again after the summer off, but sure am missing lazy days with this girl!
 Hope you have a happy long weekend!

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