Almost One

It doesn't seem possible that we are getting ready to celebrate our sweet baby girl turning ONE.  I can not even remember what life was like before her and I can't help but reflect on this year that went by so quickly.  I wanted to share some of my favorite ways our lives have changed in a beautiful way since becoming parents.

one // Seeing your family in an entirely new way. It has been amazing to see Jonathan turn into a dad and care for and interact with Lucy in his own special way.  I have loved seeing our parents love on her as grandparents.  I have so much more respect for them and all that they did to raise us and our siblings.  Our friends are also something I have loved watching as that they love Lucy because they love us and that has been so special.

two // All the emotions.  I honestly had a lot of anxiety when I was pregnant with Lucy of just the unknown and I thought the worrying would stop when I had her and she was healthy, but it never seems to go away.  I hear from so many other mamas who have older children say that it never will.  With the worry comes great love though and I find my love for her is something I have never experienced before.  It is a fierce, constant, a never failing sort of love and it requires me to lean on God and trust in Him in an entirely new way.

three // Time.  Something about watching Lucy grow from this tiny newborn to this sassy one year old who is full of personality, just makes life seem like it is going extra fast.  At the same time, it constantly reminds me to stop and be and to cherish the now.  Tomorrow she will be a day older and everything we do will eventually be a last.  There has been a last time she was swaddled and a last time she wanted to be rocked to sleep and eventually there will be a last time she drinks from a bottle and the last time she needs to be picked up from her crib in order to get out in the morning.  It reminds me to constantly be savoring the moment and to find joy in the ordinary.

four // The future.  As much as I want our baby to stay a baby forever, there is so much excitement for the future.  The experiences we will get to share with her and all of the new skills she is going to learn.  I also just have all of these wishes for her life, things that I want to pass on to her and it just seems like such a beautiful thing to look forward to.  Makes for an exciting future.

five // The support.  Parenthood has brought with is so much overwhelming love and support.  Our friends and families with or without kids have just loved on us in such a special way.  From making meals for weeks when we first came home from the hospital, to offering advice and a listening ear.  It has been lovely.  We have also gotten so many hand me downs and have been allowed to borrow lots of gadgets and gear and we couldn't be more thankful for all of the giving hearts in our lives.

six // The joy.  There is just something about doing whatever silly thing it takes to get a belly laugh out of a sweet babe.

Thankful for the weekend we had celebrating this love of our lives with our family and looking forward to Lucy's actual birthday this week. We are so blessed!  Will share some birthday party pictures later this week.  Happy Sunday!

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