Lucy // 11 months

Milestones and Firsts: Lucy is always on the move, scooting faster and faster!  When we put her on her belly to attempt to crawl, she sits back up immediately and continues scooting on her bottom.  She started saying "ma ma" and "ba ba" when she sees her bottle.  She also says "woof" she she sees Charlie or another dog.  She is getting really good at mimicking sounds, especially if you catch her in a chatty mood.
Favorite Things: Reading books at bedtime and cheerios.  You will find a trail of them everywhere we go.  She also loves drinking water from her sippy cup.

Least Favorite Things:  When we are somewhere where she can't be on the move.

Signature Moves: Waving hello and goodbye, screaming with a huge smile on her face when her daddy gets home, "running" from us when we try to pick her up by turning the opposite direction and scooting as fast as she can, and always being the curious thing that she is.  You can also find her with her lovey in her hand, a piece of fabric of all things.

We are excited to celebrate a one year old at the end of this month, but why do babies have to grow up?

Stay safe out there friends as Hurricane Matthew is on the way, XO!

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