Lucy's First Birthday

We celebrated our sweet girl's first birthday and dedication a few weeks ago with family and close friends.  We enjoyed our favorite Moe's catering and all things pink, green, and gold.  The best part was Lucy's reaction to her smash cake.  I was going a little crazy giving Lucy all of this sugar because she really hasn't eaten much more than fruit and veggies up until this point.  I had high hopes of making this amazing organic gluten free lovely cake, but got crazy busy and when I walked into Publix to grab some flowers for her party and saw a precious pink ombre cake in the bakery section- I went for it.  When it was time for Lucy to smash her cake, she wanted NOTHING to do with it.  All she wanted to do was get that thing off of her high chair.  We swapped it for her beloved Cheerios and all was right in the world again.  We just dyed laughing!

Happy Wednesday friends!  We are off to Lucy's 12 month well check and enjoying this lovely day off together.  Her 12 month photos and updates will be up on the blog soon!!

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