Christmas 2016

Merry Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, we went to church and then enjoyed Chinese take out and Prosecco at our house.  Jonathan read The Night Before Christmas while Lucy zoomed around the coffee table with her walker.  On Christmas day, we had cinnamon rolls + coffee.  I think Lucy could have eaten an entire pan of cinnamon rolls if we let her, she was in love.  We opened gifts and watched The Santa Claus before heading to my in-laws for cheese fondue.  Lucy loved the wrapping and tissue paper and even more so- scattering it along with all of the opened gifts everywhere in the living room and scooting through it.  I had an opened medium sized ball under the tree and when she spotted it, she dropped everything in her hands, said "ball", and came crawling for it at full speed.  It was too precious and she loves that thing more than anything.

It was a weekend full of traditions, family & relaxation and made us super excited for the Christmas's to come with a little one.  Seeing her joy made things a little more brighter.  I put away all of our ornaments + Christmas decor today, but left our pine garland and tree with it's twinkling lights.  Maybe a few more days!

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