Lucy // 13 & 14 Months

Is December really over halfway over?  December is one of my most favorite months and I spend most of it never wanting it to end as I swear it goes by the quickest.  I truly love everything December has to offer.  The twinkling lights, keeping Christmas music on our Pandora station, and fresh garland everywhere.  I love the thought of making lots of mouthwatering Christmas cookies, even if it doesn't end up happening and drinking red wine because it is finally cold enough outside to do so.  And most of all I am thankful that I am a teacher and have the next two weeks to simply be with this 14 month old!

Milestones and Firsts: Lucy is standing on her own and walking like crazy with support.  She pushes her walker and baskets around while walking, and does endless circles around the coffee table.  She gives kisses and lots of hugs.  The words she is always saying include: mama, dada (which is turning into daddy), uh-oh, nana for banana, ball, and baby.
Favorite Things: Running wild, drinking out of straws

Favorite Foods: Kashi blueberry waffles, nanas, quesadillas

Other Favorites:

Teepee // I have a teepee in my classroom and love it so much that I had to get one for home.  We got Lucy one for her birthday and since our house doesn't have a huge play space, it is great for toy storage right now and imaginative play for when she is a little bit older.

Doll // Speaking of imaginative play, Lucy is finally loving her some baby dolls.  She points to them and says baby and gives them lots of kisses.  It is the sweetest thing.  This sweet Land of Nod doll is super soft!

Silicone Placemat // My mother in law gifted Lucy this placemat and it has been great.  I love how it is non slip and encourages self feeding.

Cheddar Bunnies // Cheerios are still a favorite around here but these have turned into a close second and a special treat.

Suction Bowl // I love how this bowl suctions to the surface so it doesn't go flinging onto the floor (even though all of the food still might!).

Bubbles // My mom bought Lucy bubbles and they have been a staple in the diaper bag ever since.  The perfect distraction and entertainer.

Pot & Pan Set // We bought this Melissa & Doug pot and pan set for Christmas because Lucy is obsessed with our pots and pans.  We cleared out a cabinet for her, so I think she will be excited to have her own kid size set from now on.

Straw Sippy Cup // Lucy will drink water all day with a straw and she thinks every straw she sees is fair game, including all of my iced coffees.

Least Favorite Things:  She does not like being contained in an area or not allowed to be on the move.

Signature Moves: Blowing kisses and dropping things on the floor for an excuse to say "uh-oh"

Each stage is equally exciting and goes by in a snap.  In other news, is Christmas really in 4 more days??

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