Lucy // 15 & 16 months

This time with Lucy is just so sweet!  Watching her problem solve, learn new skills, develop language, and exert her independence is amazing to see and we are loving every minute.  Not to say it isn't a challenging season (she loves hard and can throw down even harder), but watching her put all these new skills to use is just amazing.  I find myself as a mama in a season of juggling the best ways to manage my time.  I wear lots of hats as many of us do and deciding when to do what is tough.  I am learning that I have to say no to lots of things and with that, the need the embrace the freeness to be ok with it.  Saying no to invitations and the expectations I put on myself all means says yes to more time with my family and that's the most important thing right?  So if the bow shop opens and closes, I turn down custom orders, the blog posts are here and there, and my house is a mess if you look super closely (not to mention Charlie's hair tumble weeds everywhere), know it is because I am embracing those day to day ordinary moments and pursuing being present over perfect  (if you you haven't read Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist you must o you must!!).

Milestones and Firsts: Lucy is walking and running up a storm.  The day she turned 16 months she took off and hasn't looked back.  She is understanding so many things we say to her and ask her to do, it amazes me.  The new words she is always saying include: no, snack, shoe, thank you, and bow.  She will finally hold my hand when walking or dancing and this makes me the happiest person in the entire world.
Favorite Things:Walking, dancing, and playing outside.  It was really windy this past weekend and every time a big gust of wind passed, Lucy would crack up laughing.  It was too precious!  She is also still obsessed with all types of balls.  She loves watching kids in our neighborhood play basketball.  It is also silly to say she loves Pandora?  Haha!  But really, instead of lots of TV we play Pandora (Jack Johnson Children's Station is my favorite) and we dance and dance.
Favorite Foods: Veggie burgers and snacks,  she loves her snacks now that she has learned how to ask for them :)

Other Favorites:

Baby Stroller // Lucy loves pushing her baby in a stroller.

Boogy Wipes // I saw these in the store and thought to myself, why would anyone spend money on these?  But o my gosh they are now a staple in our house for a runny nose.  Tissues and regular baby wipes can irritate sensitive skin but these are so gentle.

Honest Healing Balm // Love this balm for when skin gets chapped from the runny nose.  Great to use on irritated skin, eczema, diaper rash, minor cuts and scrapes, and much more. It is made of purely organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals.  Coconut oil works as well but love how portable this healing balm is.

 Gold Stride Rite Shoes // I love how easy these shoes are to figure our sizing and they are so easy to put on with oversize openings.  A must for baby shoes.  I also love how they encourage natural movement with flexible soles. 

Skip Hop Zoo Book Bag // Isn't this just the cutest book bag you have ever seen?

Urban Infant Toddler Nap Mat // This Nap Mat is fantastic.  It has an attached pillow and blanket, easily rolls up for toting around, and can be machine washed and dried.

Jack Johnson Curious George CD // I play this CD all the time in my classroom and Lucy loves it as well.  You must also check out the Jack Johnson Children's Pandora station which plays lots of the songs on this CD.

Least Favorite Things:  When we have to come inside after playing or not being allowed to eat Charlie's dog food or her hair ties, I know worse parents ever.

Signature Moves: Dancing to Head, shoulders, knees, and toes and asking for a nack (aka snack).

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