Lucy // 20 Months

Summer has been treating us very well.  Going into summer, I was so excited to spend it with Lucy at this age.  I have to say though I don't know what wears me out more, 20 four years old or 1 toddler!  So far we've been to the aquarium, the pool, the beach for a week, & spent lots of time in the backyard coloring with chalk, running in the sprinklers, and eating ice pops.

It has also been a few months since I did a little update:

Milestones and Firsts: Lucy seems to be soaking in so much.  She is comprehending so much of what we say to her and seems to learning new words every day.

Favorite Things:  Lucy is fearless when it comes to slides or climbing our furniture! She continues to adore animals.  We have been taking lots of trips to our local aquarium this summer and she loves looking at all of the different animals, especially the tanks she can walk right up to.  We are going to take her to a zoo on the way to the lake on Saturday and I can't wait to see her reaction to the elephants and giraffes. 

Favorite Foods: Pirate Booty, cuties, cheese sticks, greek yogurt in a pouch, and apple slices

Other Favorites: Coloring, play-dough, new shoes, building with blocks, stickers

Least Favorite Things:  When we don't quite understand what she is trying to tell us

Signature Moves: Getting so excited at every dog she sees and demanding to pick out her own shoes (and switch them out throughout the day).

The last exciting thing about being 20 months is that we just found out yesterday that Lucy is going to be a big sister to a baby BOY!

Thankful for lots of summer left and excited to start thinking about all of the boy things!

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