Lucy // 2

Lucy turned 2 in October and I still can't believe it.  Now I swear she gets more and more "spirited" as the days go on, but that comes with so much sweetness I can't handle it.

Milestones and Firsts // Lucy's language is just exploding. She seems to be soaking in new words daily.  She is also now sleeping in a toddler bed so we could pass on her crib to Shep and she transitioned wonderfully.  She is now a big sister.  I was terrified of this transition, but it is better than I expected and we are all honestly having to navigate how to be a family of four.  One day at a time!  She is showing interest in using the potty and uses it a lot at school.  We are just letting her guide us at home and not doing too much on our part quite yet.

Favorite Things // Necklaces and bracelets, cats, school buses, pretty lights (Christmas lights), baby dolls, and cheddar bunnies.  It is hilarious to us how clear she can say cheddar bunnies!  She is obsessed with the movie Moana, although we are desperate to find another movie for her to fall in love with.  It was cute the first few times, but now...Her obsession with cats is really funny.  She wore a cat costume for Halloween and has wanted to wear it every day since.  It has a tail on the back of the shirt and she loves to tell everyone "I got a tail".  I also found one my cat stuffed animals growing up named "fluffy" that Lucy has just fallen in love with.

Favorite Foods // With our advent calendar, she has discovered a love of Hershey kisses.  I was giving it to her in her hand and it would melt and get absolutely everywhere so since then, I open it and put it in her mouth.  When she opens up the calendar each day, she will now open her mouth and jump up and down with her tongue out waiting for her "chalk"- so funny.  She also loves any kind of cookie and muffin.  I am finding it harder and harder to get her to eat nutritious food that she once would eat, but she does have a new love of Lara Bars which makes us so happy.

Least Favorite Things // Not being able to sleep in all of her statement jewelry and being asked to eat things besides snacks.

Signature Moves // Saying "bless you" and "cover mouth" when we cough or sneeze, calling herself "Cece" for Lucy, asking for a diaper change or a trip to the bathroom to "wash hans".  She also loves singing "The Wheels on the Bus" and just started singing "Jingle Bells"- most precious thing I've ever heard!  She also does a lot of repeating what we say, but yesterday I asked her what she did at school and she told me "paint hand".  It is so amazing to watch her communication skills take off!

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