Monthly Update


Stats: 14 lbs. 13 oz. and 25.5 inches long

Milestones and Firsts: Shep is smiling and laughing up a storm.  He has great head control and loves sitting up on our laps and facing out so he can soak everything in or hanging out in the carrier.  We haven't seen any rolling going on.  But who needs to roll when you have a big sister to watch and handing you everything, right?  We are also guilty because he is just too sweet to be put down sometimes!  He is no longer being swaddled to sleep and speaking of sleep he is sleeping at night like a champ!  

Favorite Things: Hands down, his big sister!  He watches her constantly and she can make him giggle like no other.  He loves his paci when going to sleep and anything small he can get his hands on and put in his mouth.

Least Favorite Things: He doesn't like to be hungry but who does haha!

Signature Moves: He loves sucking on his fingers and watching his big sister!  He cannot seem to take his eyes off of her.

Lucy-  Two and a half.  Still obsessed with shoes, all things cats, and the color purple (which is the only color I hate of course).  Every time I say I think we just finished the terrible twos I am proven very much so wrong so we won't comment on that.  Lucy knows just what voice to use to get whatever she wants because who can resist that sweet tone and how do they learn these things?!?  You can find her playing in her kitchen or rocking her babies to sleep or drawing in a notebook.  She can now say her name instead of "CiCi" you will hear "Lllluuuucy" since we were trying hard for her to say those beginning "Lu" sounds.  You will hear "otay" for ok and lots of "no ma'ams" but I can't get her to say yes ma'am for the life of me. She loves to sing Baby Shark, the Bumblebee song, Milkshake by Koo Koo Kangaroo, Wheels on the Bus, and the ABCs.  She loves her back patted at night and it is the best when she asks to be rocked before bedtime because it is the only time she will cuddle and stay still.

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